From the monthly archives: October 2008

Before I start this post I’d like to thank Modern Esquire from BSB to inspiring me to write it. 🙂

Really early this morning Modern posted something that made me even more sure I made the right decision in voting for this year’s casino ballot initiative (Issue #6).

He points out that the Ohio Republican Party’s central committee “voted to oppose a proposed state constitutional amendment to permit a casino in Clinton County” aka Issue #6.

So now we have reason #12 to vote for the Casino: The Ohio Republican Party doesn’t like it.

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Last December Steve Stivers – Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 15th district – made some creepy comments about a bunch of young High School girls in Cincinnati, calling them “attractive women” and saying that he’s “allowed to window shop, just not buy.”

I don’t think I even posted about it back then because it didn’t seem like such a big deal. A minor slip of the tongue. It could happen to anyone.

But now I’m starting to wonder if I let him off too easy.

Two pieces of information came to my attention today that make me think maybe […]

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Introducing Peter Feldman, Part 1

On October 28, 2008 By

Earlier today Tim over at BI posted some info on Peter Feldman – the kid who pushed the fake, racist, carved-B story to the press while working for John McCain in PA. I didn’t discover his post until this evening. It covers some of the same info as my earlier post – but it has some great pictures and some additional info that make it work the extra click.

Since my last post about Peter Feldman I’ve talked to a few people about him. And everyone seems to have the same opinion: he’s a total dick.

Specifically, […]

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Peter Feldman has made quite a name for himself this past week.

Feldman, in case you haven’t heard, is the McCain communications staffer in Pennsylvania who pushed an incendiary version of the Ashley Todd story to the press. Basically claiming that a large, black, Barack Obama-supporting man carved a backwards B into the face of a young, white, female John McCain supporter.

The story, of course, turned out to be a hoax. And PA Police are now considering bring Ashley Todd on charges.

I considered giving Petey a break because it was just this one thing. He’s a young […]

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Reason #11 to Vote for Issue #6

On October 27, 2008 By

Despite Russo’s accusations, I’m not voting yes on Issue #6 simply because I don’t want to drive to Indiana to play poker.

Yes, I may enjoy playing poker, but it takes a lot more than just laziness to get me to vote for something. Let me put it this way…

I would also vote to legalize marijuana even though I don’t smoke it.

I would also vote to legalize and regulate prostitution even though I’m not going to pay for sex.

I would also vote to legalize same-sex marriage even though I’m already married to a woman and […]

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Following Up on the Great Schlep

On October 27, 2008 By

Sarah Silverman has been urging young people everywhere to make the Great Schlep i.e. to “visit their grandparents in Florida, educate them about Obama, and therefore swing the crucial Florida vote in his favor.”

That’s a great strategy for winning Florida, but what about Ohio?

In Ohio we are going to need all of those young voters who registered this year to actually show up and vote.

So election day is a great time for all you grandparents (or parents with voting-age kids) in Florida and around the country to return the favor: Call your lazy-ass grandkids (or kids) […]

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If you don’t live in or near Clinton County then Issue 6 won’t impact you at all. This is especially true if you live in Northeastern Ohio where people who do want to gamble can drive a much shorter distance to much bigger casinos in Detroit.

If you don’t live in Southwestern Ohio Issue 6 won’t cost you anything and it actually might bring your County some much needed tax revenue once the casino actually opens.

So how about this for a compromise:

If you don’t really care if this bill passes or fails – which you shouldn’t if […]

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Focus on the Family has produced a crazed letter from the future written by “A Christian from 2012” that predicts the end of America as we know it today.

To be honest, it sounds more like a letter written by a retarded third grader in 1972.

A black guy gets elected president. Russia takes over Europe. Iran takes over the Middle East. The communists take over Latin America. The liberal-controlled Supreme Court forces first graders to be gay and eliminates the boy scouts.

Oh my GOD! The horrible predictions of the cold war are finally coming true!


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The Libertarian Cato Institute just released their “Fiscal Policy Report Card
on America’s Governors: 2008” – and they gave current Democratic Governor Ted Strickland a B!

Governor Strickland has succeeded in his goal of passing an expanded homestead exemption under the property tax. He is also following through on a phased-in replacement of Ohio’s corporate franchise and business property taxes with a gross receipts tax. The plan is supposed to result in a large net tax cut for businesses. On spending, the governor supports large increases in the education budget and is pushing an expensive debt-financed energy […]

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I’m sitting here watching the emails and posts come in attacking my support for the casino initiative ( issue #6 ). It’s interesting because attacks are coming from the right and the left.

I’ve had long discussions with people on both sides of the issue in an attempt to pinpoint the specific reasons each side is opposing it.

Everyone seems dead set against this specific bill (just like they were with the last one) but their reasons, with all due respect, all seem like a lot of bullshit to me.

Funny thing though: no one seems to […]

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New Rasmussen Survey Results!

On October 25, 2008 By

Rasmussen reported today that TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of adults will be dressing up for Halloween this year!

I’m still considering the wolf costume – if I can find that damn squirrel.

No news on how many will be carving pumpkins (I plan on doing mine tomorrow). But if you are then be sure to check out for Barack Obama-themed pumpkin stencils.

Speaking of Barack Obama, Rasmussen also reports today that Barack Obama leads John McCain by 8 points (52% to 44%) in the daily presidential tracking poll.

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