Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. Normally I’ll carve a couple of pumpkins – one kind of happy and one kind of scary.

I always buy way too much candy (because one year we ran out) and almost always I’m sent out of town for work at the last minute and I never get to actually hand out candy to the neighborhood kids which is the best part.

And almost always, Halloween week is the best week in Autumn because the following week is usually election week. And for Democrats, that week has pretty much sucked for the past decade.

Well this year a number of things have changed.

For starters, I actually have kids of my own – so I don’t seem like a weirdo carving pumpkins for myself anymore. (might post pictures of the girls tomorrow if anyone is interested)

Second, I actually have the day off work. Woo hoO!

Third, we are only a few days away from electing Barack Obama President of the United States!

In honor of that last part, I decided to carve an Obama pumpkin this year instead of my typical happy pumpkin. ( I gave up on trying to make a scary John McCain pumpkin )

I probably still bought too much candy though.