Don Elijah Eckhart, the other guy running for Congress in Ohio’s 15th district, gave Mary Jo Kilroy an endorsement this morning on WOSU.

I only caught the end of the show, which had Mary Jo Kilroy, Steve Stivers and Eckhart answering questions from callers. But I’m confident I tuned in to the best part.

One of the last callers was some rude pro-life guy who asked Eckhart why he should vote for him – insisting that such a vote would most likely help elect the “pro-abortion candidate” Mary Jo Kilroy.

Eckhart had a really surprising answer.

After discussing the importance of his Christian beliefs, Don went on to list the ages of the two other candidates: Kilroy in her late 50s – Stivers in his early-40s.

Then he made this argument: pro-life voters should vote for Mary Jo Kilroy because she won’t be around as long as Steve Stivers.

Not exactly the kind of endorsement you’d expect from your friends – but certainly a solid endorsement from one of your opponents.

I’ll get audio posted if/when WOSU gets it online.