Sitting at breakfast this morning reading the Dispatch I noticed an article on the front page titled “Ohio’s tuition rise lowest”.

The article talks about the two-year tuition freeze at Ohio’s public colleges – a freeze proposed and fought for by Democratic Governor Ted Strickland.

I didn’t see any mention of Ted on the front page – but the second paragraph leads off with a quote from Republican Senate President Bill Harris.

So I hunted down the rest of the article inside the paper.

Not only does the article not mention Ted Strickland on the front page – it doesn’t mention Ted Strickland at all in the entire article.

It does include another long quote from Republican House Speaker Jon Husted. And, to be fair, it does include a few words from Eric Fingerhut.

But considering this proposal came directly from Governor Strickland, it seems like a pretty big ‘oversight’ on the part of the Dispatch to completely exclude any mention of him from the article.

Great reporting as usual, Dispatch. Keep up the good work.