I just saw this live on CNN – best interview of the week!

Another great example of what happens when interviewers actually follow up on their questions – especially with the “can you give me one example of …” question…

  • Michael is looking very very worn out – here’s when I was on CNN with him last Feb. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogq-c7tjxig

  • Who the hell is Goldfarb thinking of??? I have no idea??? Farakhan? Wright? Boy that was weird.

  • I agree. The guy is a total tool.

    I assume he was implying Rev Wright.

    I’m guessing he got some new talking points from the McCain camp (Barack Obama associates with Jew-haters) that conflicted with his old instructions (don’t talk about Rev. Wright) and he wasn’t sure what the hell to do.

  • Linc

    This guy is McCain’s Deputy Communications Director? Sam Seaborn, he is not. This interview was priceless.

  • Linc

    Reverend Wright was the first person to come to mind, but then I thought maybe he was insinuating a relationship with Ahmadinejad. Honestly, who knows what was going through this twirp’s mind. Probably something along the lines of “Oh crap! I have to give an example?”

  • “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

  • mark

    Unfreakin’ believable. Where do the republicans dig up these people?

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