One of the best ways to understand a person is through their role models.

And our introduction to Peter Feldman wouldn’t be complete unless we discussed some of his.

First up is John Bolton.

You may know recognize Mr. Walrus Mustache Bolton from his brief stint as US representative to the UN. Or maybe as one of the ‘rude’ and ‘undiplomatic’ neocon assholes who help get the U.S. into war in Iraq.

Or maybe you don’t recognize him at all. Doesn’t matter.

What’s important here is that Peter and Michael share two important traits.

First: they both are willing to tell outright lies to push their own agenda.

Bolton “tried to spin intelligence to support his views and political objectives” regarding the U.S. invasion of Iraq while Feldman pushed a story to the press about a black guy carving a B into the face of a white woman.

Second: both are Christians who feel it necessary to scare the Jews for political and personal gain.

Feldman helped send emails to 75,000 Jewish voters in PA warning of a ’second Holocaust’ should Barack Obama be elected President. And Boltin is no better. He works for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs – a group that believes that “‘regime change’ by any means necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative.”

If it’s true that you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps, then Peter Feldman is a lying neocon asshat.