Last December Steve Stivers – Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 15th district – made some creepy comments about a bunch of young High School girls in Cincinnati, calling them “attractive women” and saying that he’s “allowed to window shop, just not buy.”

I don’t think I even posted about it back then because it didn’t seem like such a big deal. A minor slip of the tongue. It could happen to anyone.

But now I’m starting to wonder if I let him off too easy.

Two pieces of information came to my attention today that make me think maybe Steve Stivers’ attraction to young ladies might not be a healthy one.

The first is an article from The Hill about Steve Stivers campaigning at OSU – specifically in sorority houses.

“I just wanted to introduce myself around and say hello to you guys,” says Steve to a bunch of Delta Zeta sorority girls sitting around eating pasta. Odd.

He also gave a speech to Kappa Alpha Theta.

No word on whether he visited any fraternities.

The second new piece of information is this video of Steve nodding along with some local High School cheerleaders…

By itself, not too creepy. But when you add it to the other stuff, it kind of makes you wonder if this guy really represents the “family values” party.

Of course I’m not saying Steve Stivers is a total perv. There certainly isn’t enough evidence to make that assumption.

But as Cliff put it, you do have to wonder if this is the guy you “want to see mentoring a 16-year old Capitol Hill page.”