Before I start this post I’d like to thank Modern Esquire from BSB to inspiring me to write it. 🙂

Really early this morning Modern posted something that made me even more sure I made the right decision in voting for this year’s casino ballot initiative (Issue #6).

He points out that the Ohio Republican Party’s central committee “voted to oppose a proposed state constitutional amendment to permit a casino in Clinton County” aka Issue #6.

So now we have reason #12 to vote for the Casino: The Ohio Republican Party doesn’t like it.

  • Actually, there are Republicans, like Jim Trakas, that are pushing the measure. The reason why the official party position is against Issue 6 is because of the political clout of one man within the ORP: George Voinovich.

  • And the party didn’t take that position because of the political clout of another man: John McCain.

    Or, more likely, some really bad McCain advisor. But whatever. Hardly matters now.

    The Republican brand has worn itself out.

    It’s become the political equivalent of RadioShack’s Realistic brand.

    No worries though. Give it 10 to 12 years and things will totally turn around again.

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  • You’ve changed your mind and are endorsing McCain?

    By the way, do you know that Obama opposes casinos?

  • I certainly don’t have to agree with Obama on everything to support him.

    Ted Strickland and Mike Coleman the oppose the casino bill too.

  • Modern Esquire

    Oh, noes, the Ohio Democratic Party ALSO opposes Issue 6. It says so on my sample ballot I got from the ODP.

    So, the Ohio Democratic Party also opposes it.

    So, what else ya got, kid?

  • ODP opposes it but Clinton County Dem Party doesn’t.

    Also, AFL-CIO supports it. (see next post)

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