Earlier today Tim over at BI posted some info on Peter Feldman – the kid who pushed the fake, racist, carved-B story to the press while working for John McCain in PA. I didn’t discover his post until this evening. It covers some of the same info as my earlier post – but it has some great pictures and some additional info that make it work the extra click.

Since my last post about Peter Feldman I’ve talked to a few people about him. And everyone seems to have the same opinion: he’s a total dick.

Specifically, I’ve heard he is a “douche bag”, an “utter tool” and absolutely deserving of “a public shaming”. (hope we can help with that last part)

I’ve heard he went to some fancy private school and he’s into trout fishing, wine tasting and trap shooting. He also likes to talk about yachting and, as this photo clearly illustrates, he may have actually been on a yacht long enough to have had his picture taken behind the wheel once…

Careful there Petey… If you steer too hard your button-down shirt might come untucked from your shorts!

Yes, I know none of this is relevant to the carved-B incident. Hang in there though. I’m getting to it.