If you don’t live in or near Clinton County then Issue 6 won’t impact you at all. This is especially true if you live in Northeastern Ohio where people who do want to gamble can drive a much shorter distance to much bigger casinos in Detroit.

If you don’t live in Southwestern Ohio Issue 6 won’t cost you anything and it actually might bring your County some much needed tax revenue once the casino actually opens.

So how about this for a compromise:

If you don’t really care if this bill passes or fails – which you shouldn’t if you don’t live in or near Clinton County – then maybe you should just consider not voting on it at all. Just leave it blank.

  • Modern Esquire

    Wow… I stand corrected. This is now the dumbest argument you could raise for the casino!

    One of the first problems with this argument is that it, yet again, conveniently ignores the fact that the issue is an amendment to the Ohio constitution that would create a monopoly for one business, so it would impact everyone. Want to open a casino in NEO? Well, you can’t if this amendment passes unless you go back to the voters and get them to repeal this amendment. So, no, people outside of Clinton County SHOULD care about this issue.

    Imagine if we applied this standard to every other constitutional amendment under consideration. Don’t think you’ll ever be injured by someone elese, then you should skip the tort reform bill.

    Don’t plan on ever marrying someone of the same gender as you? Then don’t worry about that gay marriage amendment, then.

    I cannot imagine a progressive site would actually advocate that people not vote on an issue. Ever. You really should be ashamed of yourself, Joseph, even if you suggested this in jest (which I’m kind of doubting right now.)

  • And I’ll remind you, yet again, this ballot initiative does not create a monopoly. We already HAVE a monopoly on gambling in Ohio operated by the Ohio Lottery Commission. Passage of this bill would actually break that monopoly.

    And there is no reason the voters will have to repeal anything to open another Casino. They’ll simply need to pass another initiative that allows another casino to open in the State or, better still, one that allows the state to sell casino licenses.

    And I have no problem recommending people not vote on an issue if they don’t understand it well enough to make an informed decision or if they don’t care one way or the other.

    Obviously I’m not suggesting anyone stay home and not vote.

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