The Libertarian Cato Institute just released their “Fiscal Policy Report Card
on America’s Governors: 2008” – and they gave current Democratic Governor Ted Strickland a B!

Governor Strickland has succeeded in his goal of passing an expanded homestead exemption under the property tax. He is also following through on a phased-in replacement of Ohio’s corporate franchise and business property taxes with a gross receipts tax. The plan is supposed to result in a large net tax cut for businesses. On spending, the governor supports large increases in the education budget and is pushing an expensive debt-financed energy plan. But with the state facing a budget deficit this year, the governor is taking steps to trim spending.

According to WOM, this far exceeds the grade given to former Republican Governor Bob Taft – who received a “gentleman’s ‘C’ in his last fiscal report card in 2006” and “a well deserved ‘F’ by increasing spending and hiking taxes” in 2004.