I’m sitting here watching the emails and posts come in attacking my support for the casino initiative ( issue #6 ). It’s interesting because attacks are coming from the right and the left.

I’ve had long discussions with people on both sides of the issue in an attempt to pinpoint the specific reasons each side is opposing it.

Everyone seems dead set against this specific bill (just like they were with the last one) but their reasons, with all due respect, all seem like a lot of bullshit to me.

Funny thing though: no one seems to be against gambling or casinos in Ohio, they just seem to be against this bill.

Strange, right?

Everyone seems to agree that Ohio should allow some kind of gambling but no one can agree on the details.

As a result, every couple of years we all gang up on the current proposal because one or two details don’t fit our vision of the perfect solution.

I plan to address each side in different posts, but here is my short answer to everyone on both sides:

Get over yourselves.

Democrats are against it because it hurts the poor too much. Boo hoo. Republicans are against it because they are worried how it will play out with religious voters. Blah!

For fuck’s sake, even the pro-business, small-government Buckeye Institute is publishing articles about how this bill DOESN’T RAISE TAXES ENOUGH on the casino business!

Enough with the lame-ass excuses already.

You are all acting like a bunch of libertarians: supporting some ideal yet ridiculously unattainable goal that you know will never, ever, ever happen.

Politics is about compromises, people; and success is achieved by getting movement in the right direction. If you agree that Ohio should allow gambling, then get put on your damn compromise hat and stop acting like a spoiled little kid.

You don’t have to publicly support this bill. But you should seriously consider voting for it.

At the very least, stop attacking it with your half-assed arguments and your silly excuses.

  • I don’t want casinos, I don’t like casinos and I don’t like gambling. I have a vote and I will be using it. That’s how I feel – it’s how I’m voting. I’m very glad you have a vote too. We just disagree on this. There it is.

  • And I respect that position, Jill.

    If you are opposed to gambling in any form, then you have no reason to support this bill.

  • redhorse

    Two reasons for my no vote:

    1. I don’t trust the mechanism funneling money to the counties. Don’t sell me a bill of goods just to ensconce gambling in the state constitution.

    2. I’ve consistently voted against initiatives I don’t believe rise to the level of a constitutional amendment. I believe those issues should only protect rights or spell out a requirement of the state government. In this case, allowing a company to monopolize gambling in Ohio doesn’t fit the bill.

  • Matthew

    I don’t have a problem with gambling, either socially or religiously. I’ve always thought both arguments were weak.

    I do have a problem with Constitutionally mandated, potentially tax-free and certainly legal-free monopolies. Call me crazy, but I expect laws (and taxes) to apply to everyone–particularly private corporations.

  • lame post. totally lame.

    kinda like how you’re voting for the bill because you don’t want to have to drive 3 hours to play poker.

    now that’s lame.

  • Joe,

    I half agree with you, but I’m opposing Issue 6 because it is meant to benefit one particular business owner, and to enshrine that benefit in the Constitution.

    Having said that, when I laid out my Issue endorsements I said that it’s time for a compromise. We need to vote on and pass a casino proposal that comes out of debate in the legislature, rather than from a casino owner.

  • Here is my “bullshit excuse”

    I dont really care that much, though I will vote against it. But I wouldnt care that much if it passed.

    Ohioans have voted many times against casinos. The choice has been made again and again, most recently in 2006. It will end up the same this time. Enough is enough.

  • Nifty Lawrence

    People worried about a tribe opening up a tax-free casino on federal land in Ohio if Issue 6 passes are either deliberately misrepresenting the issue or are ignorant regarding the issue itself.

    There isn’t a single tribe eligible to establish a casino in tribal land in Ohio & there won’t be. None. Zero.

    And I find it a tad ironic how many Strickland supporters didn’t say a word when he expanded the lottery & later added Keno to bars, but now the sky will fall if a casino is opened in Ohio.

    And of course the Catholic church is against it. They know how a casino would ruin their bingo nights & church festivals across NE Ohio.

  • Nifty Lawrence

    The reason for having this issue as a constitutional amendment & not via the legislature is because the Ohio General Assembly doesn’t have the authority to amend the state constitution.

  • J-Dog

    I’ll support Issue 6 when they reinstate Pete Rose, but not until…

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