1. The economy sucks and these guys want to invest 600 MILLION DOLLARS into Ohio. You really want to tell them no?

2. Ohio is hemorrhaging jobs and this project could bring up to 5,000 new jobs to the state. You want to be the one to tell the 6,000 former-DHL employees in the same county as the proposed casino that they won’t have any other options?

3. The casino people aren’t asking for tax abatements or trying to get the state or city to help with construction costs.

4. They aren’t trying to trick the voters by pretending this bill will fix Ohio’s fucked up system for funding education. It’s a proposal to build a casino, period.

5. The people who are most concerned about the Ohio casino are the Casino owners in Indiana. They are so concerned, in fact, that they are willing to spend $40 million to try to defeat it.

6. Yes, it requires a change to the Ohio Constitution. But that’s the only way to do it. And for anyone who wants to claim it’s a sacred document, blah blah blah – remember: we changed it a few years ago to TAKE AWAY rights from same-sex couples.

7. Ohio’s voters have proven, year after year, they aren’t ready to approve a broader gambling bill that brings gaming to the whole state. This single-casino option seems like a pretty good compromise.

8. It also seems like a reasonable test case for gambling in Ohio. Let’s try it out with one casino and see if it works. If it doesn’t, fine. Pro-casino people can admit they were wrong (myself included) and we can close down the one and only failed casino and move on to more important things. But if the casino succeeds, then we just brought some new jobs and much needed tax revenue to the state.

9. Unlike the previous proposals, this one will actually create a real casino with table games. It’s not just about adding lame slot machines to racetracks.

10. I like to play poker and I don’t want to drive 3 hours to Indiana to do it.