I’m amazed that I have heard almost nothing about the Supreme Court races this year especially after reading about the latest ridiculous ruling by Ohio’s Republican-controlled Supreme Court.

In short: the court ruled that a new law could be applied to cases filed before the law was enacted – which basically throws out 40,000 pending asbestos-related court cases.

Talk about activist fucking judges!

That means thousands of Ohio’s workers faced with life-ending diseases like asbestosis and lung cancer will have their cases thrown away because the Republican judges favor big business – specifically the insurance business – over Ohio’s workers.

You want to know who IS NOT in the pocket of the insurance industry?

The two Democrats running for the Supreme Court this year: Joseph D. Russo and Peter Sikora.

Write these names down on your hand before you head to the voting booth because they won’t have their party affiliation listed (Supreme Court races are supposed to be non-partisan).

Better still – click their names above and give them a donation.