My personal, far-from-scientific take on the Kilroy v. Stivers TV ad battle is that Mary Jo Kilroy is totally kicking Steve Stivers’ ass.

I have been seeing Kilroy ads for months pretty much non-stop. And they are running at least 2-1 against Stivers’ ads.

I challenge you to find anyone in Ohio’s 15th district who doesn’t know that Steve Stivers is a former banking lobbyist.

And it looks like that isn’t going to change in the days leading up to the election. According to

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has purchased an additional $100,000 of advertising time in the Columbus-area district, according to a well-placed Democratic source familiar with the committee’s buying plans. In total, the DCCC has reserved $600,000 in ad time on local stations for the last week of the campaign.

In addition the DCCC released the results of a poll showing Kilroy leading Stivers 44 to 36.