The McCain campaign is un-American. They drag the American flag on the ground after a rally. Not just any American flag, but a ginormous American flag. Their treatment of this flag is despicable and violates rules of handling for our beloved red, white, and blue. Simply horrifying is the following video:

The above clip is entirely metaphorical. The McCain campaign and Republicans in general crow loudly about their patriotism. They put it on display with 40 foot flags. They drape themselves in it like a security blanket and dupe their supporters into thinking their policies are more American than their opponents. They speak in front of enormous video screens with an animated flag flying behind them. They talk about “pro-America” and “anti-America”.

Then after all the noise they go about their corporatist ways screwing the average American and they let the flag fall to the ground as they walk away. They don’t care any more about this country or it’s people than Democrats. It’s all a big charade.

That they finish a big rah rah “pro-America” rally, then let the giant flag fall to the ground violating patriotic rules of flag handling is entirely metaphorical. You don’t need to be wearing a flag pin to realize it either.

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