The attacks from Republicans and conservative talk radio on Colin Powell after his endorsement of Barack Obama really don’t surprise me at all.

They are, after all, a bunch of well-known ass hats who are quite comfortable with this type of ass hatty behavior.

I’m not even surprised to hear Rush Limbaugh calling Colin Powell a racist for endorsing Barack Obama. It sounds exactly like something Rush might say.

But, as usual, it was pretty poorly thought out. Rush’s logic now allows for a whole new way of thinking about the issue.

If Colin Powell is now a racist because he endorses someone of his own race over someone of a different race, doesn’t that, by definition, make Rush Limbaugh a racist too?

But hell, we already knew HE was.

What about Joe Lieberman?

Doesn’t that make HIM a racist too?

If you want to use Limbaugh-Logic then Yes. Yes it does.

According to Rush Limbaugh, Joe Lieberman is a racist. And, potentially, every other white guy who supports John McCain. Lovely.