So I know my buddy Nixguy likes rally headcounts. Loves them in fact. He gets all excited when Palin crests 20k or some such. I thought I’d give he and other wingnuts an update on some recent Obama rallies. Call this one of those Mike DeWine circa 2006 “in case you missed it” updates:

St. Louis – 100,000 (U.S. record…in a “red” state)
Kansas City – 75,000
Ft. Lauderdale FLORIDA – 50,000


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  • Clearly photoshopped.

    Seriously do you even read my blog, I’ve covered this and all of Obama’s rockstar awesomeness. Along with Sarah Palin’s rockstar awesomeness.

    Now if you actually that both bring the crowds (60k in FL I seem to recall) I’ll call it even.

  • Photoshopped he says. Do you dispute the 100,000 number? Seriously?

    Of course I read your blog. I may have missed a few here and there between diaper changes and canvassing. 😉

    I don’t understand your last sentence. If I admit both bring the crowds? Both who? Both Presidential candidates? Palin seems to be bringing out the Freepers, but that’s all I see. Seems she’s trying to dial that back desperately in an attempt to be able to re-emerge at some point.

    One big distinction. Obama crowds are coming out FOR something. Palin crowds are coming out angrily AGAINST something. Hope and Change versus Fear and Loathing.

    Easy choice.

    (Just ribbin ya mostly man. Be well.)

  • you got it.

    The matchup of the old guy versus the rockstar was the one that was most favorable to you and probably sealed Obama’s nomination. Once they knew it was the old white guy, they could safely tell Hillary to politely go away. Only she didn’t.

    Anyway I called all this long ago. The one wild card is Sarah Palin, who is an absolute phenomenon on the political scene. It’s not just freepers, you should go check out a rally yourself and see. I have. Lots and lots of non-political women.

    She may not win it for McCain, but she made it possible for McCain to win, something I never thought was likely. He’s only 5 points down.

  • I’ve not been to a rally, but I’ve seen video. 😉

  • photoshopped….that’s a good one. and the ohio flag is actually the new flag of Obamerica after Barack wins, too.

    dave, perhaps you could salvage just one tiny shred of your dignity as you go down with this ship?

  • Tim, perhaps you could salvage a sense of humor.

  • Modern Esquire

    Now, to be fair to Dave, you have to compare what McCain got over the weekend. Near metro D.C. this weekend, which has a larger population than St. Louis, McCain had a crowd of 4,000. And we’re pretty sure they were all people.

    Dave, people don’t vote FOR a vice-presidential candidate, they’re more likely to vote AGAINST a vice-presidential candidate if the pick affects the race at all.

    There are certain objective facts that you cannot ignore. Before picking Sarah Palin, McCain was more competitive with Obama with independent voters. Now, they’ve largely gone to Obama.

    Since picking Sarah Palin, MccCain is still doing worse with female voters than Bush/Cheney did in 2004.

    Palin’s unfavoribility ratings are higher than Dan Quayle’s was in 1988. She’s officially in worse than Quayle terrority.

    In poll after poll, majority of Americans say they do not believe she is ready to be President, and are concerned about that.

    But if objective science isn’t your cup of tea. Consider this: upon announcing his candidacy for President (again) one of the first people to give the maximum donation permitted under federal law was Colin Powell. And yet, this weekend, he went on national television to tell the world that he no longer can support John McCain. One of the reasons? His pick of Sarah Palin.

    Sure you can find ancedotal evidence that a few right-leaning women say that they’ve never been involved in politics until Palin got picked, but they are few are far between. For ever 1 vote McCain gained, it looks like he lost 10.

  • Well since we’re talking objectively and all, let’s go to the hard data

    McCain voters voting FOR palin: 8%
    Obama voters voting AGAINST Palin: 1%

    And that’s on a left leaning poll that heavily favors NEO. Bottom line, McCain is getting much more from Palin than he is losing. Support among the base, which he did not have before.

    And no, I don’t have to compare what McCain did over the weekend. Again, my point is that Sarah Palin is a phenom. the inordinate amount of attention y’all are paying her is just one bit of proof for that.

  • Modern Esquire

    Um, Dave, that same poll found that less than half of McCain voters are voting for him as a vote FOR McCain. In fact, 12% are completely undecided as to WHY they’re voting for John McCain.

    There’s entire slew of objective polling data that pinpoints voters biggest concerns with McCain being his choice of Palin. Perhaps you should check out the latest NBC/WSJ poll for starters?

    I don’t disagree with your premise that Palin has improved McCain’s standing with the base. But this is not an election that the Republican can win on getting the base vote. Again, look at the trends with female voters and independents. Both soured on McCain since picking Palin. McCain could have won with weak support among the base if he won independents. Now, they’re voting in margins similar to Democratic base voters. Your base has been shrinking, Dave, more so than the population of Cleveland.

    The inordinate amount of time I’m “writing” about Palin is to correct your assertion that Palin is a phenom that’s lighting up the ticket. That instance was true for the first week after the GOP convention, but it’s not true now.

    That’s why people like Palin are called a flash in the pan.

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