My wife just called me to mention that along a two mile stretch of Harlem Road in Franklin and Delaware counties, every Obama/Biden sign has been ripped down or destroyed – including some giant billboard-style yard signs. Every single one. This is a stretch of road we travel every day to get to our little horse farm, so we are quite familiar with who has Obama signs, and who has McCain signs.

The McCain signs are untouched. The Obama signs are all gone.

Interestingly, downticket Democratic signs were left unmolested.

  • Yup. Someone has gotten these people very fired up and *very* frustrated. Hopefully they can limit their activities working out this frustration to simple property damage.

  • J-Dog

    It’s happening in little towns in north central Ohio as well. We just replace them as quickly as we can. Fortunately, Barack Obama raised $150 million last month so we can afford it!

  • This was never going to be easy…

  • Since none of the Republicans are putting their party affiliation on signs or literature, it’s hard to tell which signs belong to Dems and which don’t.

    Also, I’m guessing that none of the down-ticket Dems in Delaware are uppity black candidates.


    Hi Guys, just a note to tell you I feel your pain. Last night all of our signs were stolen as well. It really should be about freedom of speech. Sorry to tell you, our signs were all Mccain signs stolen. the one Obama was still there.

  • Sign stealing/tampering is un-American.

  • Has anyone checked ebay?

  • I heard that, in an effort to save money, the McCain campaign was recalling all of their Ohio yard signs and sending them to Florida.

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  • david

    I’ve had my Obama yard signs stolen also. So I just go contribute another $5.00 to the Obama Campain and put up another. Obama is badly needed to have any hope for our country! How bad do things have to get for some people to wake up!

  • marjean

    I just want to let you liberals know that I had Republican campaign signs stolen out of my yard during the last campaign. It goes both ways.

  • They are still sitting in my garage if you want them back. Go McCain/Palin!

  • mvirenicus

    i've still got an obama yard sign leaning against the interior wall of my garage. haven't gotten around to throwing it away yet. i took the 5″ obama magnet off my front door months ago. the obama bumperstickers were removed from our cars with “goo gone” ages ago. obama might win in 2012 by default since the gop seems to be self-destructing nicely, but he'll have to do it without a huge chunk of the democratic base his administration has completely alienated.

  • The trick is to put the bumper sticker on some magnetic paper first, then stick that to you car. Then it comes right off when you disagree with the way your candidate actually governs.

    That said, I don't feel alienated. I think he's done a good job all things considered.

  • mvirenicus

    He's not doing a bad job for a centrist republican.

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