So back in March when John McCain secured the GOP nomination for President, Kevin DeWine stated the race would center around “the basics of what this party was built on: lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal discipline, moral character, and ethical conduct”:

Fast forward to October. The Republican candidate is down in the polls and Kevin’s message has changed quite a bit. Now it is all about how “the Democrats are trying to rig the election”:

Why is Kevin DeWine throwing the basics out the window? Why is he not talking about taxes or smaller government? Why is he making outrageous claims about Democrats rigging elections when it is his party who is attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters?

If you’d like to ask him, feel free:

Kevin Dewine – Ohio Republican Party Vice Chairman (937-760-1419)

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  • All the king’s horses and all the king’s dirty tricksters are not going to say Grandpa McNasty and America’s Eva Braun from the ass whipping they are going to get Nov. 4. Two things:

    Did you SEE the Obama rally crowd (100,000+) in St. Louis today?
    Check it out:

    AND, from

    Close to a third of all 18-24 year olds do not have a landline. Pollsters are seriously beginning to be concerned that their presidential preference (Obama by a landslide) is being undercounted. Mark Blumental wrote a column in the National Journal looking at this issue and concluded that Obama’s strength is probably being underestimated by 2-3% as a result of this effect.

    And I just love going to our right wing friends’ blogs – Bizzy, Blumer, Naugle, et. al. they appear to be becoming seriously unhinged in their delusions. I wouldn’t want to be their dogs the night of Nov. 4 (or their families the next day either).

  • Ah, I meant Nixguy not Bizzy which, of course, is Blumer.

    Should somebody send these guys some Prozac?

  • just left him a nice voicemail asking him to stop his illegal activity.

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