So here’s the deal. The Ohio GOP is actively coordinating to influence this election. The evidence is clear. First there was absolute hysteria over early voting and the registration overlap (same day voting). Next was the general Republican tactic this cycle of attacking ACORN. Call it a weapon of mass distraction. While the mainstream media is going on about the juicy ACORN story, the GOP in Ohio and elsewhere has been quietly trying to suppress voters from the political process. We’ve seen the attempts to toss out 200,000 new voters because they don’t match BMV records. This, while their own Jon Husted (Republican Speaker of the House) has a record that doesn’t match. Now they are even going one step further and looking to force 666,000 voters to vote provisionally because they have new or updated voting records.

The reason they want to do this is clear. Those new voters are typically NOT voting for their candidates. The effort is transparent. Their lawsuits against new voter registrations is the real battle here. The ACORN stuff is merely cover fire so the media will not look at what the other hand is doing. Their attempt to make over 600,000 people vote provisionally opens the door for them to challenge them later legally. This is Orwellian election tampering. One hand is attempting to affect the election by messing with our electoral process (which Republicans put in place during their “culture of corruption” reign in Ohio) while the other hand is pointing and shouting about ACORN.

It’s our job on the blogs to shine the light where the crooks are hiding. It’s what we do best and our contribution to the process. The mainstream media seems perfectly content to be focused on non-plumbers named Joe and fantastic stories about some guy who filled out 73 voter registration forms for ACORN. While they do, the fox is secretly raiding the hen house.

I’m hearing that the cover fire of the GOP shouting about ACORN is not only working to get wag the mainstream media, but is now actively affecting the work of the Secretary of State’s office. They are having to waste their time answering charges of bogus election fraud and being accused of stealing the election instead of working to see we have a smooth running election.

Republicans are behind and they are desperate. They have everything to gain by either mucking up the system to such a degree that they prevent voters from supporting their opponents, or making an attempt to at least cast some doubt on the eventual winners.

Don’t let them do it. If those they’ve duped into thinking there is massive fraud going on can call and bother those charged with running our elections and possibly prevent them from doing so by wasting their time with bogus charges of stealing the election, we can push back by asking those behind the effort to stop.

The actors are as follows along with their contact information:

Kevin Dewine – Ohio Republican Party Vice Chairman (937-760-1419)

Jason Mauk – Ohio Republican Party Executive Director (614-561-4994)

John McClelland – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director (614-394-3456)

A few thoughts. Be courteous. Be firm. Be persistent. Make them give you an answer as to why they are doing what they are doing. I’d ask them why they don’t support new voters and their ability to participate in the democratic process. If we are going to spend billions of dollars and the lives and blood of our sons and daughters in Iraq to “promote democracy”, the very LEAST we could do is support and promote it right here at home in Ohio.

Again, please do not act like a McCain rally attendee and call McCain a terrorist or say anything about killing anybody. Just let them know that their attempts to suppress new voters and disenfranchise those who have taken the very patriotic step to participate in the democratic process will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your support.

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