My initial thoughts on the debate were that John McCain performed better than his previous 2 outings. Barack was very Presidential as well as cool, calm, and collected – as usual. I don’t think he made any big mistakes and was especially powerful when he looked directly into the camera and talked to the American people. McCain’s desire to attack tonight lead to a bit of overreaching and for the most part reminded me of a boxer who was just given a standing 8 count in the next to last round flailing about with wild punches in the last round hoping for a miracle knockout.

I watched the debate with fellow blogger Tim Russo, who made a wager with me at the end about the snap polls. Here’s what happened:

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  • Well done guys…I agreed with you Eric, this is the best McBush had done. But as I said on my blog, even on Obama’s average day, he’s still head and shoulders better than anyone else. When he’s on, he’s the best candidate any of us have ever seen. The more indie voters get to see Barack, the less foreign he seems to them, and the more they are willing to vote for him. All this means is that we work as hard as we ever have these last 19 days. We can, and will, do this. Yes. We. Can!

  • See. This is why I can’t judge these things. I’m so in the bag for Obama that any mistake is magnified. Doesn’t that make sense…? Hmmm.

    Anyway, I’m very encouraged by the numbers. But it doesn’t mean jack squat unless Obama actually wins on November 4.

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