Lots of new and interesting information coming out about our friend “Joe the Plumber”. First, he’s not a plumber – at least a registered or licensed one:

“Joe the Plumber” isn’t a plumber — at least not a licensed one, or a registered one.

A check of state and local licensing agencies in Ohio and Michigan shows no plumbing licenses under Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher’s name, or even misspellings of his name.

So there’s that. Add to it the guy appears to OWE current taxes:

In December, 2007, the Ohio Department of Taxation placed a lien against him because $1,183 in personal property taxes had not been paid, but there has been no action in the case since it was filed.

So before we worry about what your theoretical tax rate might be, how about you pay that taxes you owe Joe?

Now, add to this the fact that divorce fillings appear to show Joe made about $40,000 annually in 2006 and you have a completely exposed fraud. Unless this unlicensed plumber has seriously increased his annual income in the past two years (to the tune of 500%+ increase), he’ll actually be getting a TAX CUT under the Obama plan.

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