So let’s run down the list:

1. Undecided – Nope. Registered Republican. Clearly supports McCain.
2. Plumber – Nope. Not licensed in Ohio.
3. Income – Nope. Does not come close to exceeding $250,000 annually.

Complete and total fraud of a narrative and story.

I’d also add that since his voter registration does not match his acceptable ID, Joe better not vote or he’s committing voter fraud! Someone get the ORP on the case please. You think they’ll toss out Joe’s registration and not allow him to vote? We wouldn’t want to destroy the electoral foundation upon which this great country was founded…would we?

Demand a full investigation into Plumbergate!

  • call tom blumer!

  • Well, he could be a registered Republican or Democrat and still be undecided.

    Seems like it’s all a good lesson in how to make up the facts as you go along in a debate. Thank god we are finished with them. McCain wanted 10; three was too much.

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