So the big buzz after last night’s debate appears to be

MSNBC just referred to this guy as “an undecided voter”. Let’s dispense with that claptrap straight away. Joe came into his discussion with Obama a McCain voter. He came in to the debate as a McCain voter. He’s a McCain voter. It’s not hard if you are observant. This guy will be exposed.

Exhibit A

Watch this video:

At :25 Joe says “McCain came across with some solid points and I was real happy about that…”

What undecided voter says that? This guy was looking for McCain to “make some solid points” and he was “real happy about that”. He had an agenda going into the confrontation with Obama. He had prior opinion of how he wanted the debate to go. That much is clear.

Exhibit B

Joe has been on so many right wing talk shows it appears pretty obvious that this is a coordinated attempt to pull a last second “tax and spend” haymaker. Family Security Matters, a wingnut security policy thinktank, has the first interview with Joe after this Obama encounter. Hmmm. What’s the chance that a group like this gets the first interview with this alleged “undecided voter”?

Here’s the kicker though. In that interview Joe says this:

PM: Has there been a lot of media interest in your story? Have you been getting a lot of calls from the media asking you to talk about this?

JW: Neil Cavuto, I was on his show earlier today, just a phone interview for about five minutes. He asked a couple of questions. Then a talk show – Trey Ware – he has a conservative talk show down in San Antonio, Texas – he picked up on it. I’ve had friends call me from all over the nation, saying they heard Rush Limbaugh quote something from me or they’ve heard Hannity quote something. I guess it’s getting quite a bit of play.

What random middle class plumber who is undecided uses the phrase “getting quite a bit of play”? This sounds like stuff politicos I hang out with say or what political analysts might say. Sure doesn’t sound like a random plumber from Toledo.

Exhibit C

This guy’s story doesn’t even add up. His messaging is about as bad as the McCain campaign’s has been. First off, it’s very curious that this new business he wants to buy brings in an amount just above Obama’s $250,000 cutoff. Coincidence? I think not. Also, it should be pointed out and asked of Joe whether that is revenue or net income. If it’s revenue, then he would be making way less than the cutoff. He’d also probably have to buy the business for more like 3-4x that amount. How he has that much cash to buy a plumbing business would be a good question. We know the credit market is such that he would have trouble getting it financed. If it’s actual profit that he would make personally, then he isn’t middle class at all!

Joe can’t have it both ways. He’s either so successful that he makes well more than $250,000 annually, or he should support Obama’s plan because he’ll get more of a tax cut because his income will fall well below the cutoff point.

Watch this one closely. I have a feeling it’s not going to work out so well for Joe or the McCain camp.