I was able to get in touch with Richard Duncan – the candidate for President of the US who appears on Ohio’s ballot this year.

Here’s the information he sent me:

My name is Richard A. Duncan. I am running for President in 2008 and my name will be printed on the ballot. I am 55 years old and reside in Aurora, Ohio (Portage County) near Cleveland. I graduated from Kent State University in 1979 with a Masters Degree in Urban Geography where I prepared myself for a career as a city planner. I specialized in governmental land use controls and the development of New Communities such as Irvine, California; Columbia, Maryland; and Reston, Virginia.

I am a member of the American Planning Association, which keeps me informed on modern city planning principles. I am also a member of the American Center for Law and Justice and the Methodist Church.

I was a write-in candidate for U.S. President in 2004. I also ran for U.S. Senator in 2006 and received 803 write-in votes. I have not held an elected office except for being Vice President of my freshman class at Mount Union College in 1971.

Indirectly, I have been involved in the political process as I was a pro se plaintiff (self-represented) in the landmark Ohio zoning case of Duncan v. Middlefield (1986). In this case I successfully argued what would be the correct law on area variances before the Ohio Supreme Court.

I raised my 2 daughters, have practiced real estate sales under my license I have held since 1976, worked for the U.S. Postal Service, worked as a security guard and have invested in rental dwellings. I remodeled a home into my current campaign headquarters in commercial area in Middlefield Village.

Now that my children are adults I want to devote time toward helping the public and to improve the quality of lives in the future. I completely fund my own campaign, and thus have no ties to anyone except the needs of the American people. For years I have been circulating a petition to get my name on the Presidential ballot and personally obtained over 13,000 signatures in most of the Ohio counties. In circulating this petition, I have listened to the people as to what is important to them and their futures. This has been instrumental in formulating my platform.


Obviously, the top priority to the voters and myself is homeland security vs. terrorism and the resolution of the war in Iraq. I believe militarily and strategically it is beneficial to be in that region to monitor terrorism, but the cost of lives and tax dollars must be curtailed drastically, or at least attempted to be cut back.

Secondly, the goal of creating new jobs and preserving the ones we have in this country is crucial to me. I believe I am equipped to tackle this goal due to my training and background in city planning principles. I believe many economic, social, governmental and public goals can be accomplished from the following governmental actions, means or tools:

* Launching major urban renewal projects in our major cities. These will be targeted to crime and blighted areas closely accessible to our central business districts and involve high density projects.
* Commencing an aggressive industrial or business development program which encourages corporations, etc. to locate in these revamped areas.
* Improving intra-city public transportation systems with links between cities by a high speed rail system similar to those in Europe.

Such projects will hopefully lessen dependence on automobiles and foreign oil, provide jobs, help eliminate crime and reduce our prison population, and provide tax dollars for inner city schools, etc.

Other issues of concern to me are:

* Assuring equal opportunities for all children to receive an education.
* A firm and fair immigration policy (possibly a fence) which deters illegal crossings and encourages the increase of the quotas if a need for jobs still exists. This will stop the waste of tax dollars on health care and schooling and other governmental services and give Americans the first chance at jobs.
* The continued development of alternative energy sources.
* Providing a national health care program for the middle class who need it most.
* Restoring morals in our country, preserving the right to life, and maintaining God and the right to religion as constitutionally possible.

I respectfully request that you, the voters, give to me the incentive to pursue my journey of improving the quality of lives of Americans.

Thanks for the support!