Remember when the Republicans accused Obama of promoting a policy of appeasement and accused him of wanting to negotiate with terrorists just because he wanted to meet with the leaders of ‘enemy’ countries?

Well… a funny thing happened yesterday.

Remember that North Korea country? Member of the Axis of Evil? Producer and purveyor of nuclear weapons? State sponsor of Terrorism? Communists?

Well last month they threatened to resume their nuclear weapons program if the US didn’t remove North Korea from its list of state sponsors of terrorism.

And yesterday the Bush Administration agreed to take them off the list.

Not only that- but the US also promised to give North Korea “one million tons of fuel oil” to help them dispose of their nuclear assets That’s going to cost US taxpayers BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Billions in taxpayer dollars going to a country that, until yesterday, was US enemy number 1 (maybe 2, after Iran).

So let me get this straight: While Republicans are attacking Barack Obama for wanting to meet with foreign leaders, the Bush administration is busy meeting and negotiating with representatives of a country that sponsors terrorism?

And then, after that country threatens us with an ultimatum, the Bush administration gives in to all of their demands – including a gift of billions of dollars in fuel oil?

That sounds like fucking appeasement to me- and a hell of a lot like our national policy just changed: threaten us enough and we’ll negotiate with terrorists.