Tim over at BloggerInterrupted has predicted that the Plain Dealer will endorse John McCain.

I disagree.

Actually, we have a bet going right now on the outcome of the PD and the Dispatch endorsements.

While we wait to see who they endorse (Obama, of course), I got some news today that seems to support my side: The Dayton Daily News endorsed Barack Obama

  • Anastasia

    The Dayton Daily News endorsed Kerry in 2004 (as did the Toledo Blade), while the PD, um…..copped out. Si I’m not sure that’s much of a predictor. I’m putting my money on McCain. They have been building him up all year, carefully slanting their “news” coverage to favour him as far back as the primaries. Their article following Romney’s suspension of his campaign was a masterpiece of McCain worship. I would have been pissed, were I Romney.

  • If they do decide to endorse McCain, they are going to have a really hard time defending that choice. Especially with Palin on the ticket and the current economic crisis.

    ‘hockey mom’ and ‘country first’ are great at getting Republicans excited – but they don’t do shit to help Cleveland recover economically.

    Jobs, education, the economy, healthcare…

    Obama wins on these real issues hands down.

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