A couple of days ago I posted about a guy named Richard Duncan whose name appears on my Ohio Absentee Ballot.

At the time I had no clue who he was, but I did a little digging this evening and found out some more information.

Project Vote Smart lists him as a divorced male with two daughters (Bridget and Brittany) who lives in Aurora, Ohio.

He is also a realtor as well as a serial candidate for office.

In the past few years he has run for Vice President of the United States (2004), President (2008) and US Senator from Ohio (2006). He also sought to run for an at-large seat on the Aurora City Council – and ended up suing the Portage County BOE to have his name appear on the ballot. He lost.

I found the picture above on Vote-USA.org along with this profile created by Richard when he ran for VP in 2004:

Hello, I am a write-in candidate Nov. 2 in Ohio. I am currently working on the 2008 election as a printed on the ballot candidate in Ohio and other States. I will represent you the voters and citizens of this country. My platform is under development based on concerns I obtain from my constituents. I presently am campaigning on the streets to meet as many people as I can. I will update this periodically. Please e-mail your concerns to me on what I need to improve. I believe all Americans should be treated equal. Also I believe more of our taxdollars should be devoted to domestic programs, however, first after ensuring our national security. I believe in the Bible principles, but at the same time I respect those who choose not to do so. Individual civil liberties are also crucial to our enjoyment of life.

It sounds like Richard has at least as much experience as Sarah Palin.

I still haven’t figured out who Ricky Johnson (his running mate) is yet- but I’ll post that info when I get it.

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