Tim Russo’s video of rabid McCain supporters in Strongsville, Ohio has driven bloggerinterrupted up to number 15 on YouTube’s “most viewed” list for the week.

BarackObama.com is number one on the list – with nearly twice the views of number two: Talking Points Memo. Kimbo Slice (#13) also beat Tim, as did Barely Political (#14) – the people who brought you the Obama Girl video.

But you know who didn’t beat Tim?

John McCain.

Yes. You heard that correctly. Tim Russo’s video of crazed McCain supporters got more views than all of John McCain’s 305 YouTube videos combined!

Here’s the video, in case you aren’t one of the 1,058,760 people who has already viewed it…

No wonder Scene Magazine called BloggerInterrupted Cleveland’s “best new insider blog”.

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