The answer would surprise you if you got fooled by campaign rhetoric. If you pay attention to what is really happening, though, it won’t surprise you one bit:

As the 2008 campaign nears its conclusion, the presidential transition efforts of the two major candidates have become a study in contrasts: Sen. Barack Obama has organized an elaborate well-staffed network to prepare for his possible ascension to the White House, while Sen. John McCain has all but put off such work until after the election.

Again, John McCain shows poor judgment. Not only that, but he is putting our country at risk and not living up to his “Country First” campaign slogan by not being ready to hit the ground running should he improbably win this election. The next President will face so many challenges, to not have prepared for it by putting together an effective transition plan is just crazy.

Barack Obama, by contrast, is steady as she goes and preparing to be ready to lead on day one. If you’ve watched the two campaigns closely this will not surprise you at all. The Obama team has been steady as she goes the entire way, with one theme and one overall strategy. McCain on the other hand has been like a rabid dog getting more and more cornered.

Preparing transition teams during the campaigning process is not at all new and not at all presumptuous. It’s called planning. Something the erratic John McCain apparently doesn’t do.

Obama is ready to lead on day one, with sound and steady judgment and the change we need now. The contrast could not be more stark. The choice could not be more clear.

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