What do you call it when someone puts out a falsehood in a campaign, gets corrected on the matter, but then continues to use said falsehood?

I call it fucking lying. Not sure about you.

Steve Austria and his campaign manager Brad Mascho continue to push this story about Sharen Neuhardt “harboring an illegal” right on the front page of their site. Even though the entire thing has been proven absolutely false. Over and over and over. Maybe someone in the press can ask them why they continue to lie to the voters of the 7th.

Most notably is this from Roll Call, which I blogged about on September 25th (one day after the Austria press release was posted – they’ve had plenty of time):

According to court records, Umohoza is currently in the country legally. He was granted a temporary stay on June 24, 2005, by a U.S. District Court judge in southern Ohio. And most recently, a magistrate judge, Sharon Ovington, recommended last month that he be allowed to stay in the country, calling Umohoza β€œthe type of person β€” hardworking, intelligent, ambitious, law-abiding β€” who would normally be expected to provide positive contributions to American society.”

I call on Brad Mascho to immediately remove from Steve Austria’s campaign website any lie that either states or intimates that Sharen Neuhardt “harbored an illegal alien”.

Anything less and Brad Mascho and Steve Austria can still be considered fucking liars. I’ll await word.

Oh, and I wish Matt Hurley would correct the record on his blog so we wouldn’t have to know it for being a lying, shilling, oppo outlet for the GOP. Do the right thing Matt Hurley!

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