Anyone else kinda laughing that the tables appear to be completely turned on the tinfoil hat election fraud types? This year they all appear to be Republicans. Is there a correlation between getting your ass kicked and claiming election fraud?


  • make them all pay.

  • Yes but it’s really, really, really hard to compare what happened in 2000 and 2004 (massive voter disenfranchisement) to the crap that is happening this year with Acorn, etc.

    So some paid contractor for acorn registered Jimmy Johns to vote – and it turns out the address on the voter registration card is actually that of a Jimmy Johns restaurant.

    The guy who did it should be fined (a lot!). But no one is going to show up to vote as that guy. And no one is going to lose a vote because of that.

    You really can’t even compare the two.

  • Exactly, Joseph. There’s a huge difference between what’s taking place with the Reeps filing lawsuits this year versus purging tens of thousands of legitimate voters off of the roles. The Reeps play this dirty game better than anyone.

  • @2 @3: I’m not comparing the two or making a relative value judgment there. I’m just pointing out the whining and crying seems to all be on the side that used to make fun of it. That’s all.

    I still say there is a strong correlation between getting your ass kicked electorally and the wailing and gnashing of teeth over “voter fraud”.

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