I had to boost this comment on my Kos diary (cross posted Tim’s most excellent Palin/McCain rally):

Republicans will be forced to move to the center if they want to win. But they can’t do that because their base is crazy and will only elect the pro-crazy republicans…who in turn cant get elected except in the most conservative wingnut areas of the country. This forces the party establishment to do two things: work to transform their base into a more mainstream movement or they have to find a new base of support to get elected.

They are in a political corner and something has to give: The base has to change or the Republican party has to have a divorce and change its base coalition.

The Republicans are headed for a psychological break. Their ideology has broken down. They and their ideology/philosophy are about to be publicly repudiated. They are about to witness the strongest political position for progressives and the dreaded commie liberals in many many years. And, they are about to be ruled over by a black man with a middle eastern sounding name. The psychodrama produced by the recognition of that reality will not be pretty.

I think this is a more sophisticated way of saying what I’ve been saying for some time now that “modern conservatism is dead”. This puts a finer point on it.