LOL. Fellow prisoners indeed. Set us free Obama!

Is McCain losing it?

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  • I’m sorry. I was looking at the pretty girls. Did that old guy in the middle say something?

  • Palin is licking her chops just waiting for the old man to keel over.

  • Why do think Obama is going to be any different from Reid, Biden, Pelosi, Bush, Cheney, Kennedy and the rest of the Washington insiders? Wake up before it’s too late; reject the one party rule. Use you mind and vote freedom not serfdom. At a minimum show some intellectual honesty and vote Nader.

  • Calling people at a rally “My fellow prisoners” today might mean one of two things. One, he knows something we don’t and plans to throw a lot of us in jail after he is elected. Or two, since he likes to constantly throw out that he was a POW, it’s now becoming impossible for him to even know when to use it appropriately.

  • Or three: he is old and confused. Maybe he thought he wat a rally of former POWs or, worse, still a POW.

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