The Dispatch covered a couple of debate watching parties yesterday.

The Obama party was held at Studio 35. The debate was projected on to the big movie screen while excited Dems ate popcorn, drank beer and cheered on Barack.

The McCain “party” was held at some creepy religious chick’s house in Upper Arlington. It involved a lot of praying and a lot of anger…

At the McCain debate-watching party in Upper Arlington, just as Tom Brokaw appeared, host Marie Adamo quickly turned down the sound on the flat-screen television in her family room, next to a poster on “The Mysteries of the Rosary,” to offer a quick prayer for the Arizona senator.

After a quick plea to St. Michael to watch over McCain, most of the two-dozen-plus jammed into the room crossed themselves and the sound of the Fox broadcast came back on.

The self-described “pro-life” Catholic mother of five questions Obama’s stance in favor of abortion rights. Noting a disproportionate number of women who get abortions are black, she wondered, “Where is his pride in his people?”

Sill want to know why I’m a Democrat?