Tim Russo at Blogger Interrupted captured the breathtaking ignorance that presides over most McCain/Palin rallies. The base is in rare hate-filled form. Tim captures it like no other blogger in Ohio does. He’s simply the best there is at this. There really is no wonder the crowds have turned into near lynch mobs. Between the rhetoric of the two candidates and the ignorance of the crowds, it would only take the slightest match to set off this powder keg of racial intolerance and religious fear mongering.


Update: x-posted this over at Kos. Go recommend it so as many see it as possible. This needs to be exposed for what it is. Thanks.

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  • Good luck with this line of attack, Matthew. Also wishing you the best of luck with the lawsuit.

  • Yes, and Donald Rumsfeld did business with Saddam Hussein and McCain is good buddies with G. Gordon Liddy. That’s actually a fact.

    But these people are scary as hell.

  • doug

    Yeah, that one chick’s got a lazy eye that was creeping me out. Oh, you were talking about their views?

  • Interesting that McCain packs a small basketball gym in Strongsville and Obama will fill a stadium of 10,000 in Dayton this morning.

    I think the R’s are pulling a major scam with the Hate Talk Express.

  • Paul

    A clip of the video was played this morning around 7:25 or so on the Bill Press radio show

  • Matt? Sarah’s married to a guy who belonged to a group that advocated secession (violent if necessary) from the United States, and whose founder said “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government.” Sarah told that same group this year to “keep up the good work”. A group trying to secede from the Union.

    If you want to compare that to a guy who planted a few bombs in protest of the Vietnam War when Obama was 8 (and has apologized to those injured by those bombs) and has since thrown a few bucks a Obama, you go right ahead. Just be honest about it, and include all of the facts about both sides. Which we know you won’t.

    That’s a good video by Tim, BTW. That one blond woman was quite obsessed.

  • John P

    I finally get it. Obama is just the manifestation of the hatred there has been over the Bush Era. Hatred stirred by the media over the last 6 years. You all are reacting like rebelling teenagers. These people (Ohio Republicans)are just feed up having to watch the media masterbate over Obama…

  • @7: Thanks for that entirely useless political analysis.

  • These people, the McCain- Palin supportors are really sick. Thier rallies remind me of Nazi Germany with all
    the hate and venium. Almost makes you wonder if you are in the USA.
    To classify a persons belief because of his name shows thier ignorance.

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