Breaking out of Strongsville. Jim Trakas says Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich supporters are sinners and we need to pray for their souls.


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  • Eric, would you happen to have video of this comment?

    Do you have a transcript of his full remarks?

    Anything to substantiate it?

    I’ve got a ticket to the Trakas/Kucinich debate next Friday; but unless Kucinich brings it up I’d imagine it’s just going to fade away.

    Please let me know,

  • I wasn’t there. This was reported to me by Tim Russo via cell phone who was there with video camera. He can give you a direct quote.

  • Eric,

    Thanks for the heads up, I dropped him an email.

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  • amanda

    America is becoming that drunk, crazy uncle sitting in the corner everybody tries to avoid speaking to. That Ohio rally is some really creepy s#it.

  • Robin

    I was at both the rally and the Debate and of course Kucinich supporter had to bring that up, he’s got nothing else on Jim Trakas! Kucinich is over! Thank God!!

  • Robin

    Kucinich is a sinner!!

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