One could argue that the debate was a tie. Neither candidate really shined. Neither really screwed up.

But after the debate ended, while the cameras were still running- McCain tapped Obama on the shoulder and then refused to shake his hand.

Yes- it could have been a moment of confusion for McCain or a misunderstanding. Wolf Blitzer didn’t think so. And neither do I.

Video coming soon.

  • I don’t think there’s any way at all you can argue this a tie. McCain was reaching quite a bit while Obama was on cruise control. The only gaffe was “that one”, which will probably get some traction, probably only a part of one cycle tomorrow.

  • For a guy who promised to take the gloves off, it was a pretty tame performance.

    Both candidates repeated the same old information.

    I learned nothing.

    Maybe “tie” wasn’t the appropriate word.

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