Taps him on the shoulder. Obama goes to shake his hand. He refuses and offers instead his wife. Bizarre:

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  • They had already shook….you know when they were blocking Brokaw’s teleprompter.

  • Yeah, without a doubt. But If I shook your hand and then again offered it a few minutes later would you shake it or blow my offer off because you had already done that?

    My read on it is that he did the shake/hug thing because it was a part of the debate. He did the blow off thing because he really doesn’t like Obama.

    He has reason to, I guess. The man is seriously fucking up his legacy.

    Still very bizarre behavior Ben. What I think you or I would do is shake Obama’s hand at the offer and then turn to your wife and have them shake as well.

    Just weird. I don’t think there is a limit on the amount of times a person can shake hands…or is there?

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