During tonight’s debate John McCain promised to reform entitlement programs like Social Security.

“Social Security is not that tough,” he said. “We know what the problems are, my friends, and we know what the fixes are.”

In my opinion, John McCain has already laid the foundation for his Social Security solution with his other policy positions. He just needs to package it up and sell it to the American people.

It would be a simple plan, actually.. Only two parts. And it addresses both big problems: too few people paying into social security and too many people receiving social security payments.

It goes something like this:

Part 1: Cut Funding For Medicare

Killing off old people by cutting their medicare benefits would immediately reduce the number of people getting social security payments. John McCain has proposed this on multiple occasions.

Part 2: Outlaw Abortion

Outlawing abortion will result in a large jump in population. Within 20 years unaborted babies will grow up, get jobs, and begin paying into the Social Security system. (note: we could reduce the time to payoff of this solution by throwing out child labor laws while we’re at it)