Apparently one of the people who forwarded this email is not at all happy that he was called out for it:

Don’t threaten me with what I can or can not forward, truh, half truth, jokes, beliefs. Nothing different than what we see on TV, hear on the radio, read in the paper and what our government tells us. We take it with a grain of salt.
As an independent, I keep my mind open and decide what is relative, reliable and worth ‘filing’
Your pompous, arrogant attitude has settled it for me,Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

Hans,-a working legal immigrant from socialist Europe

Hans Verboon ( He appears to hail from Dayton, Ohio. I wish Hans would decide to be on the side of truth, but that is his decision alone to make.

My reply to Hans:

I didn’t threaten you at all. Just telling you like it is. You forwarded false, misleading information and I’m countering it. If you were “independent”, you’d consider it and weigh facts versus things you randomly get in an email.

I don’t think you are independent at all. Your mind was made up the moment you forwarded those emails. Don’t lie to me. No rational person could see evidence countering misinformation and continue to cling to it. You can stubbornly vote based on lies and distortions if you wish, but don’t feel it is patriotic to do so.

Eric – a hard working native from the U.S. of A.

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  • Anthony

    Thanks Eric. Now if we lose Ohio by ONE VOTE it’ll be YOUR FAULT! Man, I thought we’d be so close to locking Hans down for Obama, but apparently his open mind is now closed. Darn.

    I hope you learn your lesson Eric. Shame on you for educating voters. Leave it to the campaigns and Fox News next time.

  • hans emailed me too. i told him welcome to the big leagues.

  • Matt

    Unfortunately, Obama does favor raising taxes on the middle class. Don’t go by his website, which is full of lies, go by what he told Business Week about raising capital gains taxes, about taxing home sales and 401ks, go by his other statements.

    By cancelling the Bush tax cuts, he makes most of that email true. The only people he wouldn’t hurt are those who make no income.

  • Johanne

    Tim is this you??

    Shame shame.

    and your partner should learn to dance and not drink so much..

    PS lose Ohio one vote at a time

  • @3: Yes. This is a good plan. Ignore what the candidate actually SAYS and buy in to the smear emails. Good idea. Cancelling a tax CUT is not the same as a tax RAISE, but nice try.

    The bottom line is if you make under $250,000 a year you are better off from a tax standpoint under Obama than McCain. I know the wingnuts don’t want you to think this, but it’s true.

  • @4: YaY! You see? I KNEW Hans Verboon could use teh Google!

    Now. If you’d spend half as much time learning about bullshit emails you get and forward we’d all be doing a little bit better.

    Get busy!

    PS – The Plunderbund Shuffle is a worldwide phenomenon. I hereby challenge you to a dance off at any time. Bring it. (If you weren’t so fucking stupid, you’d see I link to it myself here)

  • hey hans…..try googlin YOUR name.

    see what comes up.

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