We’ve officially hit rock bottom. When asked this question:

In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in The United States at this time?

Only 9% said satisfied.

That’s the lowest number EVER on record at Gallup. What is the most important problem they are dissatisfied with?

Net economic problems – 69%
Iraq War – 11%
Government/Politicians – 9%
Healthcare – 5%
Ethics/Moral decline – 4%
Education – 3%
Illegal aliens – 3%

Those numbers are stunning when you think about it. If John McCain wanted to live up to his sloganeering of “Country First”, he’d be focusing like a laser on the economy and not trying to “turn the page on the economic crisis” in order to talk about people Barack Obama knows who did bad stuff 40 years ago.

The reality of the situation is that “Country First” is just a vapid slogan meant to fool the average voter into thinking it’s true. What John McCain really puts first, however, is his campaign to become President. Country be damned. Especially during an economic crisis.

Tonight’s debate should be interesting. Note to Obama camp: Hammer these Gallup findings like you are trying to beat gray off of concrete. Don’t stop hammering until McCain is a stuttering fool.

It really is the stupid economy, you morans!

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