Dave Stacey might call it “normal American politics”. I say it’s anything but normal. It’s perverse. It’s obscene:

At 9:29 p.m., I received in an email the sleaziest political press release I’ve ever seen. It came from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and it’s headlined: “PAGOP: OBAMA – A TERRORIST’S BEST FRIEND.”

I have to agree with the assessment of the journalist who received this PR, Will Bunch:

Seriously, this is the kind of crap that people usually put on people’s car windshields at 3 in the morning, unsigned in crude block letters. The fact that the Republican Party of Pennsylvania would put this out on its official letterhead is truly a rock bottom moment in American politics.

Last but not least is the irony/hilarity that John McCain’s Pennsylvania co-chairman is a convicted felon. You can’t make shit up like this.

Well, you could, but nobody would believe you.

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