…and in better news, the state Obama is speaking in here (Michigan) was surrendered to the Obama camp yesterday. Red sirens going off in the McCain headquarters. Those 17 EVs lost is going to tighten up their math quite a bit. Especially given the dynamics of the electoral race. Their campaign has even so much as admitted the only way they win is by the slimmest of margins.

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  • Pulling out of MI was a PR hit for McCain, but it was sensible. Bush put up a major effort there in 2004, and ended up losing by 3.5%. So now McCain, who is down a few in the polls nationally, is supposed to win in MI? I dont think so. He needs to be focused elsewhere. yeah, it sucks to have to pull out of a state, but I think it was wise.

    MI is a Republican tease. If any GOPer was counting on Michigan to deliver the election, then they dont know what they are talking about.

  • i think my comment went to spam. oh well

  • Well here is what I said.

    McCain pulling out of Michigan was a sensible move, even though a PR hit. Bush put up a huge effort in 2004 and lost by like 3.5% IIRC, even though he won nationally. So McCain is down a few nationally but he thinks he can flip Michigan? No way. It sucks to pull out of a state, but he and his money are better elsewhere. Any GOP strategist that was banking on MI to put McCain over 270 is a moron.

  • Did. Rescued it. Odd that the second one didn’t. Oh well. I monitor spam pretty close for legit stuff.

    You gotta admit at this point Ben they are figuring on some pretty tight math to win this. A great deal can happen in 5 weeks, though. I expect a bin Laden tape at the very least.

    Pappy Van Winkle 20 year. Hell, Bookers, Knob, Woodford would all do. 😉

  • Oh absolutely the math is tough. It has been for quite some time, though it looks worse now than it did. I just think there are better places to spend resources.

  • Sarah Palin disagrees

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