I just got emailed these photos of what appear to be Republicans in front of the early voting center at Veterans Memorial in Columbus trying to intimidate voters by taking photos and writing down license plate numbers.

Anyone recognize them?

  • You Betcha

    Golly gee willickers, there, Joe. You betcha I recognize them. Why, visit Naugie’s Bloggie, review the video and see for yourself.


    By the by, the young Republican guy was inside the building off and on all day. Is that beyond the line? Or, you know, because those nasty homeless and scary young black men were there, too?

    Oh, and I simply hate the caveman caucus of the Republican Party. Does that mean they don’t get to vote because I don’t like them, Naugie-poo?

  • J-Dog

    yeah…they probably headed from there to a family planning clinic…

  • Too bad your source didn’t write down the GOPers license plates.

  • Bill M

    Gee…I dunno. An Obama van loaded with people sounds like somebody HELPING while somebody taking pictures and jotting notes sounds scary. One group wants to help us vote and another wants us to stay home.

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