If your local gay bar isn’t going to be showing the VP debate tonight, you do have some other options if you live in Columbus.

If you’re into public radio then you might want to check out the Talk of the Nation discussion and debate watching party at the WOSU studios in COSI. (ht)

They have a full schedule (including cocktails) starting at 7. And Neil Conan and the TOTN crew will be broadcasting a live post-debate radio program starting at 11.

Across town in Clintonville, Studio 35 is going to show the debate the big screen tonight.

Admission in free- and you can eat and drink beer while you watch.

Note: At 7PM they’ll be showing the documentary How Ohio Pulled it Off, “a provocative new documentary that offers sobering evidence of election fraud in the United States, and highlights the potential for future abuses.” (only $5)

  • must watch at gay bar.

    greatness guaranteed.

  • Can you promise they will at least turn down the music?

    Because I really don’t think Gloria Gaynor and ABBA are the right sound track for the Biden/Palin battle.

  • Matt N.

    Apparently, all election fraud stopped in 2006.

  • Aww. Look. Matt Naugle is able to comment at PB. Because we aren’t little bitches like he who deletes comments and blocks people’s IP from even accessing his site.

    Proxies, Matt! You dipshit.

  • Depends on how you define it.

    Two ACORN contractors, paid by the number of voters they register, submitting duplicate or fake cards may technically be considered voter fraud- but it really wouldn’t result in extra votes being cast or voters being disenfranchised.

    That’s just people being greedy and a bad set of rules that allows them to get away with it. Similar to problems gathering signatures.

    And you can hardly compare that to the kind of large-scale disenfranchisement of voters that happened under Blackwell- intentional or not.

  • At least we are beyond disallowing things because they are not on the right fucking pound paper!

    Blackwell and Naugle along with him are so irrelevant. It’s almost funny. I wouldn’t mention the guy’s name ever again if I were Matt. Then again, if I were Matt, I wouldn’t be politically tone deaf.

  • I’ve got to attend the monthly meeting up at the conservation club tonight, so no gay bar for me. They all love Palin tho (), so I suspect they’ll wrap up in plenty of time.

    I’m actually a little curious to see if any of them have soured on Palin over the past month, but since they are mostly conservative Good-Ole-Country-Boys with guns, I tend to turtle-up my political views there for self-preservation, and won’t ask.

  • @ Brian: given the guns probably a decent idea.

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