Hey Mark,

It’s kids singing! I don’t find this mixing religion and politics at all. Just because some people get excited enough about their religion to sing AND some people get excited enough about a political candidate to sing doesn’t mean the two are mixing.

Couched in your expression of being creeped out is the long ago abandoned “Obamessiah” smear. You know. He’s just a man. Chill out. What’s all the fuss? “Nothing to see here”-like criticism that really points to a secret fear in Obama opponents that he might win and actually help usher in an age of Progressivism by being the anti-Bush that many Americans long for now.

You completely miss the point – as do many Obama opponents. People are not investing in a man as much as the man represents the hope of the people. That’s something TO get excited about…and yes sing! It’s fine to embrace hope, Mark. It’s fine to embrace change. It’s even fine to get excited and sing. Why don’t you come along for the ride instead of being frightened or creeped out.

I guess there must be something wrong with me. I wasn’t the least bit creeped out by this. Is it just me?

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