In addition to registering as a Jew on, I also registered as a Muslim.

As I mentioned before, I got an email from the McCain campaign on Monday wishing the Jewish me a Happy New Year. Actually, what it said was “May You Be Blessed With a Happy and Sweet New Year.”

And it was signed by both McCains and both Palins and featured a picture of John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

It was a direct and personal message to me, as a Jew, on a holiday that is important to me. And it was fairly well executed.

But man did they screw up today.

Today they sent an email to the Muslim me (yes, I also registered as a Muslim). An email that was probably supposed to wish me a happy Ramadan, but instead ended up being a horrible (and totally plagiarized) disaster.

Before I get into the email itself I have to admit something- I was pretty skeptical when Russo wrote about John McCain not looking at Obama during the debate and how it was a sign of racism and disrespect.

I figured John wouldn’t talk directly to Barack because he spent too much time working on specific lines to be delivered directly to the audience or maybe because he was old and confused.

After reading the email I just received, I believe Tim may have been on to something.

That’s because the email – sent to the Muslim me on an important Muslim holiday – doesn’t actually wish me a happy Ramadan. As a matter of fact, the email doesn’t say anything directly to me at all. Instead it refers to Muslims in the third person and actually explains what Ramadan is!

As though I, as a Muslim, wouldn’t fucking know what Ramadan is?!

Here’s an example, “To celebrate this holiday, many Muslims gather in their homes and mosques to thank God for His blessings and His help in keeping the fast”

Jesus Christ, McCain.

Imagine if you received a Merry Christmas email from me explaining that “many Christians erect a pine tree in their homes during the Christmas season and decorate it with popcorn or traditional Christian ornaments.”

Wouldn’t you be asking: why the fuck is Joe explaining Christmas to me!?

It is insensitive, out of touch and shows that John McCain’s campaign has absolutely no clue what they are doing.

And here, my friends, is the worst part:

The ENTIRE EMAIL was plagiarized directly from a 2005 message by George W. Bush.

The entire email. Plagiarized. Word for word. From George Bush.

No WONDER it was so rude and inappropriate!

Here’s the email. The part in red is the only part that differed (it said Laura instead of Cindy)

John McCain’s Greetings to Muslims Celebrating the End of the Holy Month of Ramadan

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, the Festival of Breaking the Fast, I extend my warm greetings to American Muslims and Muslims around the world.

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan which is the holiest month of the Muslim year and a time of prayer, reflection, and fasting. To celebrate this holiday, many Muslims gather in their homes and mosques to thank God for His blessings and His help in keeping the fast. Muslims also demonstrate their compassion by reaching out to the less fortunate and giving gifts of money or food to help those in need. This year, many American Muslims have reached out to the victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma Gustav, Hanna, and Ike. Their contributions have been generous and reflect the important values shared by all Americans.

Our Nation is blessed to count many Muslims among our fellow citizens. As Americans, we share a commitment to family, a belief in God’s justice and man’s moral responsibility, and hope for a future of peace and tolerance.

Laura Cindy and I send our best wishes for a joyful celebration.
Eid Mubarak (season’s greeting)!