Former Lucas County Commissioner and Tom Noe conduit Maggie Thurber gets taken to the woodshed by Brian Rothenberg at ProgressOhio. I guess Maggie has been shilling for the payday lending industry, an issue ProgressOhio has been taking the lead on (Vote YES on Issue 5, btw).

Brian asks some really important questions (and gives some rhetorical answers):

1. Was it wrong to help Noe launder money? YES

2. Should the mess in Washington teach us the dangers of loosely regulated capital? YES

3. Is greed one of the seven deadly sins? YES

4. How should we vote on Issue 5? YES

5. Are the payday lenders paying Maggie to blog in their favor? Nothing would surprise me

Maybe Maggie can answer them on her blog…when she’s not busy shilling for her payday masters. Given what we know about Noe and Thurber, should we trust Maggie when it comes to matters of money and politics? I think I’ll take a pass.